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Carefully Choosing Best Skin Care Products! Women are always want to look beautiful from head to toe. Various beauty products whenever they try, even though some of them do not know what kind of beauty products that are safe for the skin and body. Now increasingly prevalent beauty products which is dangerous for long- and short-term use, not pretty even acquired diseases. For more safe, here are some tips on choosing beauty products are safe:

    Check the license number of BPOM

Check the license number BPOM a mainstay in choosing the way of beauty products are safe. If the number BPOM marked on the product proved its authenticity after checking on the website of the POM, the product had been safe for your use. Do not forget to also check the expiration date, this usually forgotten when you just bought an item.

    Distinguishing facial whitening cream genuine or counterfeit

Some way can be seen from:


You should be careful when seeing odd packaging products, such as the color of the packaging or faded writing, or on a specific brand there is no hologram.


In general, counterfeit products are sold at a cheaper price than the original product.

    Texture, color, and aroma

Creamy textured Abal Abal usually coarser than the original. Cream color made to resemble the original, but it remains to be seen whether or not the difference of striking colors. Aroma on the cream too worsen or different from the original cream could also be an indicator of the bahwakrim false.

    Check the compatibility between brand makeup cosmetics purchased

In some cases, counterfeit cosmetics such as face powder, eyeshadow, lipstick, and mascara occur in the name of a brand or a famous makeup brands. Even counterfeit cosmetic product is not produced by the brand makeup falsified.

For example, lipstick and powder branded P * nds when the brand is not producing lipstick and powder. Tips on choosing beauty products that secure types of lipstick can be done by:

    Apply to hands first, because of harmful chemicals in the fake lipstick can cause irritation.
    The cheaper price than it is, it applies to all kinds of fake cosmetics.
    If you've bought, you can put it on the copper cables, lipstick containing heavy metals if after cleaning the color changes to white on copper.

    Choose which uses natural ingredients

Tips on choosing beauty products that secure the latter is a natural pick. Facial skin care products and body that utilize natural materials does not make the skin white and beautiful body in an instant. But the natural ingredients contained in it is helpful and maintain healthy skin. When applying such products regularly, then in addition to healthy skin coveted your health is also more secure.


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